Walking Among Miracles!

(the kind you see and touch)
Are you ready to experience miracles?
…To step into a new reality where miracles actually unfold for you every day?


7 Levels Of Miracles

Your ability to ask for, receive, see and allow miracles will
take you light-years beyond what you can achieve with just your will-power and hard work

So…how often do you say…
WOW! A MIRACLE is unfolding around me!

Or do these sound familiar?

  • Miracles happen to other people, not me!
  • Everywhere I look I see scarcity and suffering in the world, but not many miracles!
  • I pray for miracles, hope for miracles, but they never show up.
  • Maybe God has forgotten about me.
  • Who am I to ask for a miracle?

You’re not alone.
The second we say the word “miracles” we get triggered!

Feelings ranging from wishing, hoping, praying to sadness, disappointment, depression and religious confusion.

A ton of uneasy and negative vibes appear instantly.
This is really important!
Why? What is a miracle anyway?

A miracle is something that materializes unexpectedly like a gift, resource, opportunity, chance meeting, a solution, or support that is both exactly what you need AND divinely timed.

A miracle is the way the universe/God/the Divine supports you, reminds you of your importance in the larger plan and co-creates the unfolding of your life and goals with you.

Your ability to ask for, receive, see and allow miracles will take you light-years beyond what you can achieve with just your will-power and hard work.

So yes! This is really important!

Here’s how it works based on my research and personal journey so far…

How you feel about miracles represents your deepest level of:




in the infinite abundance of resources that the universe/divine has for you.


that you are personally seen, loved, and supported by benevolent higher power (the universe or the God of your understanding.


about your own unique worthiness and life purpose.

These are the BIG 3 that are the gateway to allowing, manifesting, seeing, touching, LIVING miracles in your life.

Belief+Faith+Worthiness = Vibration of Miracles

But here’s the problem…the BIG 3 are dictated by your programming. Rules and beliefs about yourself, God and “the way things are” from your family, your religion and your traumas.

I’ve created a process designed to knock out these rules, beliefs and traumas step by step up through the chakras so that you can experience true miracles in your life.

Imagine if you could…

  • Start experiencing miracles right now, REAL in your life, your business, your relationships?
  • Feel safe and divinely held, supported and loved in a way that lets you finally TRUST yourself and your life purpose.
  • Know from the moment you wake up that you are worthy of miracles in the eyes of the universe…and say yes to them!
  • Find a deeper and personal connection with God/the divine.
  • Recognize YOURSELF as a miracle and your mission to bring your miracle to the world
  • Stand up and speak a new truth about yourself and your mission in life.
  • Ask for and create miracles of all sizes fearlessly by being totally passionate in your life.
  • Put in LESS effort and striving for money and success and experience unexpected miracles supporting you.
  • Feel totally in alignment with your life purpose and watch as universe aligns money and resources to support you in that.

I’m Margaret Lynch, and I’m not going to pretend this isn’t a touchy subject.

As soon as we focus on miracles, we are treading into a grey area of personal spirituality, religious training and matters of the heart and soul.

But at times like this, I cannot shy away from an incredibly important and life altering subject like miracles.

Because the more I researched how miracles “work” and what blocks them I realized there is too much healing work to be done here!

Now, even with all that research, I wouldn’t say I have THE answer on the subject. How could anyone?

But I do know that clearing out the negative vibes and programming always leaves us much more “connected” spiritually and energetically and ALIGNED with our Life Purpose.

And I do know for SURE that when you are in your life purpose with faith, MIRACLES unfold to support you, inspire you and carry you far beyond where you could go with your will power alone.

You literally “walk among miracles”

And your feeling of personal connection to the divine, your own special spirituality, becomes deeper and more present in your life, even in every moment.

I have crafted this class using the ancient chakra system as a lens together with teachings of the law of attraction, great spiritual leaders and tapping.

My goal for you is transformation from the ground up specifically around miracles!

So we start at the first chakra and tap away the many rules, programs and pieces of evidence we have that say…”miracles are not REAL in my life”.

As we continue on through each of the 7 chakras, you will learn the specific conflicts, vows and traumas that block the 7 aspects of miracles.


Because, think about it….what would it be like if you could feel divinely inspired and supported and literally touch the evidence of that in your life?

What if life and business “ups and downs” reminded you that a miracle was about to unfold perfectly timed for you? (Instead of triggering disappointment and fear)

What if even your money can become another area for miracles to appear and divinely support your mission?

Yes, the implications are exciting!

Each class will be an AHA moment, as you learn the conflicts around miracles at each chakra, a transformation and a whole new vibration about miracles. Any time you create new goals, you need to include room for miracles

It’s time to create the space for miracles to show up … Not later!


Start the new year now with miracles!




My faith, trust and spiritual connection continues to grow as a result of my personal research in miracles. And now I want to share this process with you!

This special topic has never been explored in the tapping world so this will be an exciting adventure!

What’s the solution?

In the 7 Levels Of Miracles Program you will transform in each class from old programming and negative vows to the vibration of excitement, anticipation and receiving.

I mean the “Wow, a miracle is about to unfold here…” vibration. And with that dominant vibration…you are always inviting and allowing co-creation with the divine.

I hope you are ready for that!

How do you do this? Step by step, through the chakras…


Here’s what the 7 Levels Of Miracles Program includes:

  • 7 – 90-minute recorded classes ($1700 value) – Tapping with Cutting Edge Chakra work (mp3 download)
  • 7 Special Chakra Energy Blessings with Joan Cremin ($200 value) – Integrated in each class and available as separate download
  • Complete Transcription of the Entire Program! ($100 value)
  • Easy Downloads of all Bonus Materials and bonus PDF – All audios are MP3 Recordings for easy use on your computer or mp3 player. Energy Blessings and extended Tapping rounds can be downloaded separately for your convenience.



Total Value: $2160

Yet “The 7 Levels Of Miracles”
Program is priced at $497

To find out how to work through this powerful program,
please email Kay@margaretmlynch.com

(And if for any reason you aren’t completely thrilled with how much more power, passion and presence you feel around your value and money – just let me know and I’ll refund every penny of your investment on the spot within 60 days)


Here’s what Jessica Ortner from “The Tapping Solution” says about my content:


Miracles Started Happening Before the Program Started…

Read the feedback from the Live program …

“Margaret Lynch is the best in her field. She has the amazing ability to encourage people, in the most loving way, to step into their own power and greatness.

The safe space that she created in this program empowered me to allow, accept and embrace my deeper dreams and desires. On January 19th, during Margaret’s Chakra 3 class I declared that I was ready to received $3,500 per Miracle Session. Six weeks later I was joyously coaching my first client at the rate of $3,500.

I am now ready to triple that goal and I am positive that I will accomplish it with Margaret’s help and unconditional support. The 7 Levels Of Miracles Program truly woks. Don’t think about it. Sign up now!”

Beloved Sperstar, The Greatest Transformational Specialist on the Planet, Miracle Maker of Miracle Makers, E.MB.E. https://www.myfantasticlife.com/
“This course truly opened me to new possibilities and experiences. I really did reach new heights: amazing, beautiful, wondrous heights..

and to be honest, all with my feet firmly on the ground! Margaret is genuinely enthusiastic about guiding people into their own power and she is expert at leading the group, with integrity and with love.”

Kate David
“For me the Live Miracles class was a revelation. It effectively identified my blocks to a miracle-mindset and also made me very aware of all the fascinating things happening in my chakras.

Margaret generously provided so much information and so many tools for healing and clearing! Since the class I see miracles happen daily in my life as I’m much more receptive and open to them on all levels. The clearing I got from the course was very deep and effective and I’ve used the tapping sequences from the class as a tool for healing additional issues.

Also I so loved the chakra healing sessions with Joan at the end of every class, that really rounded off the sessions in such a profoundly uplifting way!”



7 Levels Of Miracles Class Outline

Tapping for Miracles – 7 week program $497

Class 1: Touching Miracles in the First Chakra

Personal “aha moment”: I now see how my earliest paradigm (from my family and religious training) has created and limited my deepest ability to connect with the divine and receive miracles.

Strategic Tapping Goal:Clear and release the vows and beliefs programmed at the first chakra that limit the material manifestation of miracles in your life. Open the first chakra to its magnetic ability to draw and manifest the stuff miracles are made of.

Special Energy Blessing from Joan for the First Chakra.

Class 2: Asking for Miracles in the Second Chakra

Personal “aha moment” : I now see how a self-image of “not worthy” “sinner” and guilt around my deepest desires has limited my deepest ability to allow and receive miracles.

Strategic Tapping Goal: Clear and release the vows and beliefs programmed at the second chakra that actively sabotage and refuse material manifestation of miracles in your life. Open the second chakra to deep congruent honoring of our unique value and worthiness and willingness to ASK and RECEIVE miracles and divine support.

Special Energy Blessing from Joan for the Second Chakra.

Class 3: Being the Miracle in the Third Chakra

Personal “aha moment” : I now see how I negate that I am a miracle which requires I instead live an identity of playing small, giving and doing while taking only scraps.

Strategic Tapping Goal: Clear and release the vows and beliefs programmed at the third chakra that use shame to stop me from honoring my unique talents and one-of-a-kind nature, so that I can be a miracle in the world.

Special Energy Blessing from Joan for the Third Chakra.

Class 4: Receiving Miracles in the Fourth Chakra

Personal “aha moment” : I now see how I break my own heart and negate my deserving of miracles with my critical mind and belief in “striving to deserve”.

Strategic Tapping Goal: Clear and release the vows and beliefs programmed at the fourth chakra that slams the door to my divinity and wholeness.

Special Energy Blessing from Joan for the Fourth Chakra.

Class 5: Choosing Miracles in the Fifth Chakra

Personal “aha moment” : I now see how I use my incredibly powerful 5th chakra to manifest everything in my life based on my lower chakra conflicts about miracles.

Strategic Tapping Goal: Clear and release the habitual lies we speak at the fifth chakra so we can CHOSE the new words to manifest a miraculous experience.

Special Energy Blessing from Joan for the Fifth Chakra.

Class 6: Seeing Miracles in the Sixth Chakra

Personal “aha moment” : I now see how I have vowed to filter my view of the world to never see miracles based on the fears and programming of my lower chakras.

Strategic Tapping Goal: Clear and release the vows and beliefs programmed at the sixth chakra so I can see the world as it actually is…miraculous!

Special Energy Blessing from Joan for the Sixth Chakra.

Class 7: Allowing Miracles in the Seventh Chakra

Personal “aha moment” : I now see how I literally close my seventh chakra when I see and belief that the divine is limited in my life.

Strategic Tapping Goal: Clear and release the programmed limitations all the way up through each chakra to open the 7th allow the infinite possibility of miracles to flow back down through all the chakras following the “manifestation channel”

Special Energy Blessing from Joan for the Seventh Chakra.


Special Class Guest: Joan Cremin, Spirit Guided Energy Healer

I am excited to announce that Joan Cremin will join us in this series to finish each class with a special energy blessing for each chakra. Joan is one of the most spiritually connected and beautiful healers I know and she has touched my life in a profound way. I just adore her! So I am very honored to have her bring her spiritual blessing and unique energy healing to the very special series!

When asked about her energy healing practice, Joan always says, “This is why I am alive!” Joan says that from her very first breath her intention was to follow her spiritual connection, in spite of anything that happened. There were times in her life that she experienced traumas so intense that she truly did not know if she would live. Even through those times, she sought and held fast to that light within her that never went out.

She believes that though we may bury or “slam the door” on this light within us – this connection to the divine – it never goes out! Joan feels the heart is the key to rediscovering our inner light because the heart holds the infinite expansion of love.

Although impossible to describe fully, Joan feels her healings involve raising her vibration up to open her connection with spirit (7th chakra) as she holds a deep and powerful heart intention (4th chakra) for highest and best to channel through her and out to others. In this way, her healings feel to her like part prayer, part channel and part energy transmission.

This program isn’t for everyone.

This work will break open energy in very personal and edgy subjects that range from emotional to spiritual. You must be ready for out-of-the-box and bring your brave face!




Total Value: $2160

Yet “The 7 Levels Of Miracles”
Program is priced at $497

To find out how to work through this powerful program,
please email Kay@margaretmlynch.com


If you’re ready to feel the real you, your power, and your ultimate manifestation vibration about money then please email kay@margaretmlynch.com.



PS - I can’t wait for you to get started!